The art of a feature wall within the kitchen

Whilst this might all sound very much like ‘Changing Rooms’ or interior designer speak for a large some of money, a feature wall can be easy to do, achieving both practical and wonderful visual results.

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By far the most cost effective way of creating a feature wall is with paint. This can either be a bright, bold shade to add a touch of definition to a space, or a more subtle step up in tone, from the overall room colour. A slightly more costly and time consuming solution might be to add a textured surface in the form of a wallcovering or even tiles. These don’t have to be expensive to achieve great results and can be relatively easy to apply for those of us with reasonable DIY skills.

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Adding artwork is another way of creating a feature to a wall. There are specialists who can create themed walls, although this can be costly, unless of course you have the ability to do it yourself.

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You could also consider looking for a statement piece of artwork or something novel such as an oversized clock; naturally, the costs of these can range from sensible to out of the stratosphere and is very much budget dependent.

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Another idea worthy of consideration and which can have very effective visual and practical results is to consider fitting open plan shelving, or if your kitchen style is more traditional a dresser would suit.

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A strong contrasting colour or bold timber finish can create both visual impact and an area to display chosen objects.

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Practical reasons for a feature wall can be many. It might be that you’ve inherited a restored brick wall or feature fireplace that’s too beautiful to try and disguise.

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Blocks of colours, especially in an open plan kitchen, can be used to create visual zones to segment cooking, dining and socialising areas.

For narrow, galley style kitchens, which are often found in a period property town house, a bold treatment to the end wall can add a degree of depth and give the impression of a much larger space. Even a smaller kitchens can benefit from a vibrant back splash, to stop the space from feeling ‘closed in’ whilst keeping the accent colour to a minimum so as to not overwhelm the overall space.

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A bespoke furniture design and manufacturing service, such as that offered by Ray Munn Kitchens, means that shallower depth cabinets can be made and produced in any timber finish or colour shade, to create a focal point on the wall.

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Likewise, our exclusive Italian furniture collections, with their exciting surface treatments, will provide vast amounts of inspiration for matching or contrasting colour combinations.

At Ray Munn Kitchens, our advice and service doesn’t begin and end with the furniture, to ensure that your new kitchen is one that you’ve always dreamed of!